VLAD TV | Tay Roc: It’s Not ’88, Keith Murray Can’t Do What We Do

Tay Roc  It s Not  88  Keith Murray Can t Do What We Do   YouTube

http://www.vladtv.com – Tay Roc gave us his opinion on the Fedro Starr and Keith Murray battle that recently passed. In a previous VladTV interview, Murray apologized for not giving his best performance and claimed that his inefficiency was caused by a shot of alcohol and taking antihistamines for a head cold.

In this clip, Roc shared a time when he battled intoxicated, which caused him to vomit on stage, but says he still performed to the best of his abilities. When asked if intoxication was an excuse Roc’s response was, “There’s no excuse! You either use the intoxication to your advantage or you stick your limit.”

Roc claims to have learned his lesson with drinking and battling. “With all the yelling and screaming, you can’t battle drunk! It’s no way to spazz out and have all of that liquor in your stomach.”

In conclusion, we also asked Roc his views on the financial growth within battle rap and if he felt celebrities and battle rappers from prior rap eras are trying to take advantage of the new evolved platform. Roc believes battle rappers such as Cassidy and Jae Millz are doing it because they see the elevation within battle rap now that more money is involved.

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