VLAD TV | Uno Lavoz: I Want to Battle Big T, He’s Lyrical & Fat

Uno Lavoz  I Want to Battle Big T  He s Lyrical   Fat   YouTube

“Uno Lavoz spoke to Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about his origins within the sport in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV. Uno recalled losing his first battle in the cafeteria at the age of 16, because at the time he didn’t fully understand how battles were conducted. He spoke on his lengthy career, battling on various leagues since the past Grind Time reign, and also how he feels as though he’s been slept on a bit.
Uno specifically showed an interest in battling the likes of Math Hoffa and Big T, among others. He recently had a battle on Smack/URL’s Proving Grounds, so Uno Lavoz is on a road toward future success once he gets the call to jump back into the lyrical ring.”

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