VLAD TV | Young Buck Recalls Resorting to Robbery During Street Struggles

Young Buck Recalls Resorting to Robbery During Street Struggles   YouTube

Young Buck was featured in the gripping Hip Hop documentary Number One with a Bullet, where he opened up about his dark past struggling to survive in the streets.
In this clip, Buck recalled resorting to robbing people as a last resort when his money was gone and he was struggling to keep himself afloat. Given that he comes from the gritty street life, he explained that he respects all aspects of it, even the man who shot him, because he understands how life in those circumstances operates. After finding solace in music, Buck opened up about how he became hooked on staying in the music studio. However, monetary issues would prevent him from being able to work on his music as long as he wanted, and thus he would have to resort back to street activities.
Number One with a Bullet is available now, https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/id9…

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  • Black London

    Bar for bar? AKS took it 3-0 BUT… BUT its a close 3-0 not a straight body bag.

    I say “a close 3-0” because although Anonymous’ bars were suprisingly nice, on the whole they werent BETTER than AKS’ bars.

    first round bars were only half way decent as he started off slow but
    ended really strong (whereas AKS was strong from start to finish). PLUS
    Anonymous stumbled/flopped in the 3rd round causing the guy to freestyle
    either that or he ran out of bars to spit.

    For the most part,
    AKS’ bars were better but if Anonymous was battling another emcee with
    the same bars he probably would have won.

    A few of AKS bars went over cats’ heads but they got it in the end.

    Dope battle tho.

    URL/Proven Grounds need to bring in AKS… shhhhiiiittttt and Anonymous for that matter.

    did you lot catch Anonymous trying to slyly say “nigga” but censoring
    himself? HAHA Prick, that white boy would gotten dem paws put on him and
    his mans for that.

  • Jdchartley

    i say 2/1 AKS but he raps soooo slow

  • WTF?

    shit was ass……


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