VLADTV | Big T and Bizarre: Daylyt Has a Cocaine Problem

http://www.vladtv.com – Big T and Bizarre came through to build with Battle Rap correspondent Mike Florence where they discussed topics such as Big T’s battling and blogging, Bizarre’s battle legacy, and Eminem surviving in today’s battle world. They then went on to make the shocking claim that Daylyt’s antics are due to his cocaine use.

In the first half of the clip, Biz was asked a few questions about his partner in the Never Stay Sober tour. While admitting that he hasn’t been up to date with most of Big T’s recent blogs and battles, the Detroit emcee states that he heard T was victorious in his battle over Rone. He also said it is his responsibility to “check” the Chicago native if he feels he is getting out of line.

Bizarre was then asked if he would consider stepping back into the ring in the near future. His response was that he would not compete again for the sake of not making a mockery of the culture, while also preserving his legacy as a battle emcee.

While on the question of Eminem surviving in today’s battle world, Biz stated he was confident in the D12 leader’s ability to be successful while battling if he puts preparation and effort into it.

The topic of Daylyt promising a battle with Em in 2015 then came up and that’s when Big T and Bizarre made the horrifying claim that the Grape Street representative is a cocaine addict. They backed up their statements by saying that Daylyt’s actions are not those of a sober individual. He also said the Cali native lives in Los Angeles, where the purest cocaine can be found.

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