VLADTV | Bonnie Godiva Turns Down Label Deal Over Plastic Surgery Demands


Bonnie Godiva addressed the increasing normality of plastic surgery amongst women in this clip from her exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes.
Bonnie explained why she thinks there is such a high demand for women to get various forms of surgery performed on them to enhance their looks. She thinks that Lil Kim is part of the reason why so many women have aspired to enhance their looks over the years, and that the demand has only increased with the emergence of Nicki Minaj, among others. She talked about how unfair it is that men can gain success regardless of their body type or facial features, meanwhile, a woman always has to look good in one way or another in order to have the spotlight shined on her in the slightest bit.
Bonnie went on to recall being offered a label deal from a big industry entity, and how she turned it down because they were only going to give it to her if she got plastic surgery done. Bonnie believes that she is attractive enough naturally, and that her talent is what should be focused on rather than her looks.

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