VLADTV | Daylyt on Resolving His Past Issues with Smack

http://www.vladtv.com – While having an exclusive sit down with VladTV, Daylyt explained why he wants to separate himself from the Fresh Coast Movement. He also shared a few details about the antic he used in his battle against Uno Lavoz.

Day was first asked why he wants to separate himself from the Fresh Coast movement. The Grape Street member made it clear that the West Coast and Fresh Coast are two completely separate movements with the West Coast being the “street” type emcees while battlers representing the Fresh Coast are more of the backpack type of rappers — that he doesn’t want to be associate with. Daylyt also went on to state that there has always been a feud between the two separate factions.

After speaking about settling the bad blood between himself and URL owner Smack White, the Cali emcee was then asked about the infamous wrestling moves he performed on Lush One during his battle with Uno Lavoz. Daylyt explained that it was a last minute idea due to fact that he did not fully prepare for the bout. He also stated that the antic was performed as a payback towards Lush for not having dished out the funds owed to him from the Ether event.

The clip closes out with Daylyt giving his opinion about Lush One using a Tupac hologram.

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