VLADTV | Fredro Starr Shares His Thoughts After Battle with Keith Murray


http://www.vladtv.com – VladTV caught up with Fredro Starr, accompanied by Loaded Lux after his long awaited battle against Def Squad representative, Keith Murray.

When asked how he felt the battle went down, the “Slam” emcee described his match up as hip hop history and also expressed his opinion that the bout was a good look for the battle rap as a whole.
Fans of the culture as well as emcees in this era usually prefer battles that are acapella rather than having competitors spit to an instrumental. When asked if he felt there was difference battling to a beat, the Onyx member stated that although he prefers to battle without a beat, an emcee must be versatile enough to perform in whatever format that is provided.

Many who were in attendance for the showdown shared the same belief that Fredro Starr was the victor of the battle. After the legendary Loaded Lux told Vlad he felt the same way, Starr humbly stated that it is up for the fans to decide.

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