VLADTV | Freeway & Jacka: Battling Is Harder Than Performing

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Freeway and The Jacka spoke with Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about various topics in this clip from their exclusive interview with VladTV.
They began by sharing their personal picks for whom they consider to be in the “Top 5,” and also in the “Bottom 5.” Those selections were not permanent picks, and could change in the future depending on each battler’s performance.
They then discussed the interesting topic of whether or not Battle Rap is more difficult to do than performing songs live. Both Freeway and The Jacka agreed that battling is definitely the more difficult of the two. They concluded by sharing their thoughts on the potential battle between Drake vs. Murda Mook, and the presence of celebrity influences in the sport of Battle Rap.

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  • Rick

    NU born been nice. He a reason the culture moved foward because at one time born was that nigga to see in the ring .But he got a lil sloppy and niggas started counting him out .But he back now …..

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    smh this nigga is prolly the nicest wack nigga lol along with x factor , goodz and rich dollars 


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