VLADTV |Ghostface Killah: Cappadonna Bodied Wu-Tang Clan in Group Battle

Http://www.vladtv.com – Ghostface Killah opened up to VladTV during a Spit16 event about the origins of Wu-Tang and shared a story about Cappadonna bodying his fellow group members in an early battle. The New York emcee pointed to “Winter Warz” as proof that Cappadonna has bars, for those who are doubtful of his win.

During the conversation Ghostface also revealed why he ditched early plans to keep his face hidden during shows, and he admitted that it all boiled down to not getting a comfortable mask. He joked that wearing a stocking cap over his face during shows just wasn’t a feasible option.

Check out more of his interview above, including stories about how powerful the Wu-Tang symbol has gotten over the years.

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