VLADTV: Jin – I Was the Justin Bieber of Hong Kong

Jin touched down to the VladTv studios, explaining his hiatus from the US, his success and fame in Hong Kong.


  • ohgod

    this interview made me go ad watch Jin v Verse when Jin was at his peak. He has haters, but has made more money than 98% of battle rappers.

  • 321

    Jin had a good run but its only so far you can go as a battle rapper. That’s why I font understand Lux and Mook holding out when I know they can get 20 thousand easy to battle 5 of those and a year and you made 100 grand. You guys will never be mainstream artist cause you’re calling is battle rap. Stop letting these good opportunities pass you by because of ego. If you 2 dudes continue to do what you always did you can’t lose to these new dudes cause they studied off you. Especially Mook you the face of Battle rap. Lux is and demand now but you will always be the worlds number one battle rapper. So get that money and show these niggas they can’t fucked with you two. And Smack you gonna have to learn to break even sometimes. You putting together a card that you forcing down the throats of fans. Lux vs Hollow, Mook vs Surf , Swave vs Verb, and Rex vs Calico, and Tay Roc vs Big T would have generated enough to make Summer madness 3 bigger than the last two. Smack tighten up my nigga. Cause you the face of the culture when the finger gets pointed its not at chico norbes or Beasley its at you. Wanna see you continue to be successful because you deserve it my nigga.

    • myian barnes

      Real shit. They are definitely cutting their own throats. Mook is signed and if nothing else he will be a ghost writer for ruff riders and get paid. Lux however, isn’t, but could clean up well by dropping the ego chi and grinding it out. He’s getting older on top of that and honestly, he isn’t a very marketable artist as far as industry standards are concerned. Now that the platform is here via Smack and these other leagues, an oppurtunist could clean up! KOTD does PPV events, imagine going from SM3 battling Hollow to Dizaster on PPV! That’s your 40 stacks right there plus another 20-40 thousand twitter followers.

  • Snoop Bosh

    I stop listening soon as a mf start trying to steer the conversation toward god

    • nine5for

      lmao same here

    • uMad

      thats why you never going anywhere in life

      • Long Necked Batch

        actually the religious clowns are the ones who never go anywhere but to church

  • barondebxl

    I fucks with Jin heavy.

  • Billy bob the MC

    Anybody that hate on jin is pussy i respect any nigga that try an do they thing he got pretty far for being the only chinese rapper if he aint eat DMXs dog he woulda still been poppin!

  • Black_Man!

    ….God? Naw man, take credit for what YOU did. Your career was non-existent in America because culturally, you aren’t what America wants to see in the mainstream. You would have been an awesome underground artists but you left and went to China to become mainstream. You succeeded there because you in fact ARE Chinese! You are better the face of China IN China than you are being the face of China IN America. It’s marketing and culture. You did fine on 106 and park because you were an anomaly but the culture and community got bored with you. It wasn’t your fault, it was just the culture of the art IN AMERICA that you were trying to intersect yourself with.

    • ohgod

      No one became “bored” with him. He ran out of steam and in the end just simply wasn’t good enough at either battle rap or the music scene.

      • Black_Man!

        That doesn’t make any sense because he went to China and became famous. If he wasn’t good enough, he wouldn’t have made it anywhere.

        • ohgod

          C’mon fam. how many famous chinese pop stars do you know have made it big in America? NONE. Being good enough for the Chinese market is one thing. translating that into success in America is an entirely different ball game. He was just an average music artist who was never gonna break out of the battle scene and into the mass American music market. I’m not hating on him. Just telling it like it is.

        • Black_Man!

          You just proved my point.

  • guest1

    i wonder if NIGGAS can go back to africa and make it ??

  • ms marjane

    i respect this grown man for being real with his faith and his family. Whatever cats have had to say about jin, he’s no different than so many other hip-hop artists.. except that most artists want to remain children, and keep up with a culture of disposable youth. This cat not only got humble, but made a point to get real with life, after putting himself up to doing so much for hip-hop culture and taking a serious beating, character assassination and all. Every star battle rapper right *now* should recognize themselves in this cat and make changes when it’s their time to go, grow and recognize those lessons in life. He’s lucky he bounced out the way that he did, not a lot of cats from his era really managed to make much out of their success.

  • Criticalthinkers

    I respect Jin, he’s very well spoken and speak the truth. He acknowledged the fact that he’s still in the peak of his career in Hong Kong but rather ride it until its gone he made a family decision to come back to the States, hopefully success awaits him in Hong Kong.


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