VLADTV | K-Shine on ‘Rookies vs. Vets’: I’ma Show Mr. Wavy He’s a Kid

http://www.vladtv.com – K-Shine had an exclusive sit down with VladTV where he discussed his upcoming battles, his monumental performance against DNA and his upcoming projects.

The clip starts off with Star informing K-Shine that he first became familiar with him during his battle against Goodz a few years back. The Dot Mobb member went on to explain that even though that particular matchup wasn’t his professional debut, it was what gained him his notoriety after battling on Fight Klub with little success due to the airing schedule of the show.

After shouting out members of his Dot Mobb family as well as his own Zip em Up faction, Professor Shine took time to reflect on the year-and-a-half prison sentence he served shortly after making his debut on the Lions Den. He stated that the short stint behind bars made him more appreciative of the lifestyle he is currently enjoying.

The Harlem emcee was then asked about his upcoming battle against Mr. Wavy at the URL Rookies vs. Vets event. K-Shine assured Star that he would teach his opponent a valuable lesson when they step in the ring and also stated that his status as a veteran should not be taken for granted.

K-Shine’s classic battle against DNA then became the topic of discussion. After being asked about the infamous chart he brought to the matchup, K explained that the prop could’ve had either a positive or negative reaction from the crowd. He credited his perfect execution in his third round against his Queens opponent as being what won over the fans. He then went on to say that the angle he used in the battle was one of the most monumental moments in battle rap history.

When on the subject of his future projects, K-Shine informed his fans of his new mixtape, titled The Transition, which is now available on datpiff.com. The Harlem native also mentioned his interest in promoting other artists and also spoke about his next battle in Atlanta where he will team up with DNA to go toe-to-toe against John John Da Don and Cyah Boy.

The clip closes out with K-Shine speaking on his previous battle with Math Hoffa and the future business ventures of his Dot Mobb crew.

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