VLADTV | Loaded Lux: Meek Should’ve Stuck to His Battling Roots vs. Drake

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http://www.vladtv.com – Loaded Lux stopped by to chop it up with VladTV before his highly anticipated battle against Charlie Clips. Aside from Battle Rap topics, the Harlem native discussed some of the bigger stories in Hip Hop, from Drake and Future collabing on “What A Time To Be Alive” to Meek’s short lived feud with Drake.

While Lux had not given WATTBA a listen, he commended Future and Drake for putting aside their past differences to work together. The Battle Rap veteran then went on to share his opinion on Charlamagne’s recent claims that “Back to Back” is a Top 5 diss record. Lux, who is obviously no stranger to warring with other emcees, agreed with the claims by describing the song as “tough” and regarding its moment as a hit song that everyone listens to. He then went on to state that the Canadian superstar was the victor in the battle between himself and Meek Mill.

Watch the full clip above to get Lux’s opinion on what Meek should’ve done to be victorious in his battle vs. Drake.

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