VLADTV | Norbes: If Smack Isn’t on Stage The Battle Isn’t Real

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In this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes, Norbes addressed the vast differences between Summer Madness 3 and Summer Madness 4.

For starters, Norbes spoke about why Smack/URL decided to follow the desires of the fans by bringing in more “Top Tier” talent for this card, instead of going with the concept of “Bars Over Names.” Norbes actually liked the SM3 card, but thinks the grudge matches and personal history behind some of the battles is what really made SM4 stand out so much more than SM3.

He also addressed the view that “battles don’t count if they aren’t on Smack/URL.” Norbes feels as though Smack is a “father figure” to the entire culture, and that whenever he is on stage, he provides a unique feeling that cannot be duplicated by any other platform. He stated that “if Smack isn’t on stage, it’s not a real battle.”

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