VLADTV | Onyx on New Album and Film Project With Russell Simmons

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http://www.vladtv.com – Hip-Hop group Onyx sat down with VladTV to discuss their long-awaited LP “Wakedafucup,” saying they wanted to create an album that could be considered timeless, and one that their day one fans would love without feeling dated. Fredro Starr also shared that on their most recent tour, most of the crowd is comprised of young people who follow the group.

When asked how they feel about acquiring young fans when most gravitate towards a more commercially friendly sound, Starr says he thinks they have the same fans as artists like Lil Wayne, and that their music just happens to be for a different moment or mindstate.

Sticky Fingaz then discusses his upcoming film starring Starr and produced by Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons, called “Cain & Abel.” The all-rap film is a follow-up to their previous release, “Day in the Life,” which Simmons saw and was inspired to reach out to the group to be a part of the new project.

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