Way vs Nova Hosted by Norbes of URL

Ohio Battle Rap League presents The Cold War.
December 21st event held in Akron, OH at The Vortex.
Hosted by Norbes of URL, Crisis of Purple Plane, A.C.E and Scizas.
This is a long awaited battle between 2 top MCs in The Cold War.
Way vs Nova.



  • Anonymous

    they had barz but the league is full of clown ass niggaz

  • harlemg5

    yo smack u got to keep these battles coming and flood the web you make niggas wait to dam long 3 months for a wack ass 25 minutes joint lets keep the game moving with Charlie clips, swave, t rex ,goodz, ge, mixs the new blood against the old vets not averb or math them niggas are the wackiest ever no bullshit and shot gun he wack I want to here more from dose he kill math hoffa


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