• myian barnes

    This battle is truly two cats spitting who ain’t about the shit they are speaking at all…..you need more people…..

    • Boy Trill

      How u say I’m not about what I rap about ?? That shit sounds stupid coming from you

      • myian barnes

        Not that I don’t respect you as a writer, but you and your opponent definitely don’t give off the impression of being willing to let them hammers fly or to punch a nigga in the mouth. More like a couple of kids battling after school….a fat kid and a kid who does all of those little boogies that are so popular these days…..again, no disrespect but the images you guys have is far from what you two were spitting….a lot of grimy talk from some non grimy. Prolly somewhat cool kids at school…

        • Dr. Drain

          your statement is str8 weird boy. i dont watch battles and check niggas appearences. i watch it for the aggression and word wars…smh you too caught up in images and appearence keep in mind these are both males and you are too from the looks of ur avatar.

    • God’s-Demon

      killers dont have a look thay have a certain mentality some people look tough but str8 pussy and on the other hand some niggas look lame and b cold-blooded thats a fact im 33 born and raised n chi-raq i kno lots of killers that look harmless

      • myian barnes

        That’s cool fam, you ever been in the bing? Imagine these two locked then try spitting that 1 percent of the time shit.

        • killajing

          both yall got valid points but i also know killers that you would look at and easily write off bc they look lame but will get to work tho

  • ualreadyknoo

    R.I.P. to the white boy.. the boy trill is nice his bars easily deserves a shot on PG.. bars over names

  • Antony Hall

    good battle yo look out for both them dudes they can only get better

  • Ray B

    Y’all comparing 2 battle rappers to killers…no battle rapper is about what they talk about, shit half the rappers ain’t it’s all entertainment

  • ohgod

    this nigga trill look like hitma holla and rich dollars love child

  • Dr. Drain

    good shit this is my first time watching WEGOHARD. good 1st impression Trill got it tho.


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