When Smack doesn’t drop the battle

s/o to Jayblack on this… Pure comedy!!



    funny as hell!

  • clash


  • ki

    lmfao that be me

    • clash

      that be all of us

  • Spindizzy

    the next kevin hart… I still cant catch my breath.

  • star

    He kicked da laptop n got a don demarco lol I’m weak


      LMFAOO son wilded lmao

  • Florida Boy

    hahaha this fool here

  • Razor

    He said “On hitman holla’s hair line I ain’t playin!!!” LMAOOOOO you a fool for that hahahahaha!!!

  • Mayor Bloomberg

    Lol with the OTBVA smileys lol this was hilarious.

  • WTF?

    hahah stupid hahahahh!


    LMFAOOOO nahhh son lmaooooo anybody that watch Smack and these battles i swear be doing this lmaoo

  • ferb420

    Lmao that nigga grabbed the knives and went in

  • TFOH

    The only funny part was the kick…rest was dry as fuck!

  • Greggylasek

    jay blac the type nigga your gonna be laughing your ass off because hes so random lol…but real shit, if a battle drops on my day off….smack will wait till 1159 on some bullshit lol

    • Raythekid85

      lmao aahahaha

    • TFOH

      SMH…..not cuz he’s random, everybody besides YOURSELF is random, technically speaking, but it’s a case if the nigga is FUNNY or NOT…..in this case, the only funny shit really, was the kick……everything else is forced and rather CORNY…..like everything else he does! But whatever

  • saul22


  • saul22

    that is how I be feeling

  • saul22

    need to see dna vs young mile

  • saul22

    jc vs Charlie clips

  • saul22

    y0o but I do be flipping in the crib…Smack cmon


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