Wild N’ Out: Conceited Roasts Everyone During ‘Wildstyle’


  • Angelo

    Conceited is that muh fukin nigga!!

  • ✈MikeSwazyy

    I be laughing like shit at this nigga facial expressions

  • DRE

    Too funny…that nigga Kevin Hart even shorter than conceited lmao!!

    • WTF?


    • Hubert DeRavin

      Thats crazy

  • nate

    conceited, your boy heartless used that goldilocks line against cocky! come on, man, biting from your friend?

    • VEL

      shut the fuk up bruh its mtv

  • Mack Kith

    He said turn the beat off.. No rhythm ass rapper

  • SeanKenneth

    I just wanna say shot out to Concieted for making it on mtv…… BUT this is only going to make Con weaker as a battler. The shit he’s spitting is CORNY!!!!! and he thinks hes doing something because the crowd is “cheering” NO con the crowd is cheering because the sign above the stage says “cheer/applaud”

    • CaliboyDC

      that’s y he got booed in his battle again holla

  • D.c

    That line for nick killed it….everyone always negative no wonder the world is fucked up but when its time for you to reach your dream then you want everyone to support you but you dont support no1 else…

  • the kid

    look at the shift battle rap can do for you its a great platform and niggas like math and dylatt and these other niggas tryna fuck it up smh

    • fag



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