X-Factor talks about his Baby Momma Issues

X-Factor calls in the Live Show to answer all questions about his recent Baby Mother Problems

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  • ohgod

    RESPECT to X

  • Florida Boy

    never understood how these hoes could get a good nights sleep when they tricking a nigga into raising a kid thats not his….some of these hoes just evil

  • AllMe

    If you look close you can see X Factor hairline through the durag

  • Keeping strong

    Yo I’m high as shit and that’s the funniest shit I’ve read dog.. You really can see his hair line threw the durag

  • Jamal

    Sorry to tell you this X..
    1. She never respected you…she used you from day 1…she knew you was a good guy..about his “priorities” and would never leave that child..
    2..she knew the nigga that got her pregnant wasnt gonna break bread..so she used you for it..
    3.. Like you said, she wasnt letting you see the child..now that she knows you are not..you will never get to see the child..
    4. I know this is gonna be hard..but you have to detach yourself from the child and move on.. why?
    shes a normal using black ghetto hood bitch…they use their kids as weapons..
    she will continue to hit you up for bread because she knows your a good guy…you can preach all this shit online but at the end of the day..she knows if she tells you the kid sick or whatever you gonna break bread..
    5. If you dont move on..she will accept the bread and never let you see the kid..she may make concessions and make you see the kid once in awhile..but once she get a new nigga..he not gonna feel you coming around..since its not your kid..she gonna not make you see him..and then she will tell the new nigga wrong shit about you..to make him hate you and put you two against each other..if you dont leave now..ull end up arrested or dead.
    6. You got played point blank period..doing the right thing is leaving now..we all know it hurts but now the child is a weapon for her because she knows you love him/her. She doesnt have to let you see the child..so she wont unless its beneficial for her..leave now bro
    7.. all niggas please get paternity tests..dont trust your bitch…you dont even need the moms dna to get it..do it secretly..the dna test will show if the likely hood you the pops is high..i know you cant tell a bitch you want a test..it will cause drama..so do it behind closed doors.. all yall niggas should go get the test..

    • sd


  • Debo Marks

    Damn this is fucked up!!! X is a good dude and taking care of a kid who not even his and this Ghetto ass Hood Bitch knew he wasn’t the father and she was still taking his MONEY!!

  • bringing drama

    why they ask him a question then cut him off? stfu and let the nigga finish his sentence.


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