XXLMAG | Chinx’s Murder Case Remains Unsolved


Six months after the tragic murder of Chinx, the case remains unsolved and the rapper’s murderer is still at-large. Fox 5 aired a report done by Lisa Evers, who hosts Hot 97’s “Street Soldiers” show, that says there is a growing concern that the murder will remain unsolved. The report also said that the wounded passenger in Chinx’s car, Coke Boys affiliate Yemen, originally cooperated with police in the investigation but is no longer helping.

Chinx was murdered during the early morning hours of Sunday, May 17 in the Briarwood section of Queens. Chinx had performed at Brooklyn’s Club Red Wolf earlier in the night and was riding through Queens in his Porsche. As he was going to drop off Yemen, a shooter unloaded over ten shots into the car, killing Chinx and injuring Yemen. The event sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community, especially since Chinx had a close relationship with Stack Bundles who was also shot and killed in Far Rockaway, Queens. Chinx’s Welcome to JFK album posthumously dropped in August.

In October, XXL gave an update on the current status of every murdered rapper’s case. Since the 1987 murder of Boogie Down Production’s Scott La Rock, just under 70 percent of the 52 deaths have gone unsolved. In 2015 alone, five rappers have been killed in major cities across the country and no charges have been filed in any of the five cases.

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