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With Battle Rap steadily growing into the mainstream, many Battle Rap MCs are trying to make the transition from battle MC to Hip-Hop artist, and Loaded Lux is one of them.  Continuing to ride the wave of his stellar performance last year at Summer Madness 2, the slogan “You Gon’ Get This Work” was made popular by Lux in his battle with Calicoe, and he’s milking it for what it’s worth.  Hosted by Shaquille O’Neal with appearances from Jadakiss, Fred da Godson, Bun B. and more, this mixtape echoes Lux’s knack for lyricism.  With 17 tracks and one intro this is what Lux fans have been waiting for.

Lux personifies cool.  He has an effortless glow that illuminates New York’s musical cadences of Swing, Bebop and Hip-Hop all in one.  This quality is best exemplified in his pen-game, a concoction of Harlem slick-talk and Five Percent lingo.  His intricately complex slick rhyme scheme may seem like a bunch of words until you read between the lines.  This kid is actually saying something.  With bars from the record Krazy Arthur like, “Cold, born without a soul/I go alone/smartphones, dumb n**gas way out the call zone” and “I’m advanced science/ they standardized and they stand divided” places Lux in a class of his own.

“You Gon’ Get This Work” begins with Shaq introducing Lux in his typical Shaq-esque corky humor, which offsets the cool of the album from the start.  Not to be deterred, this quickly picks up when Lux starts to spit.  I can appreciate Lux trying to cover the gambit of today’s Hip-Hop landscape with tracks like K.I.L.L.A.S. a southern influenced bounce with an eerie tumbleweed-whistle undertone, featuring Fat Trel, where Lux surprisingly meshes well with Trel’s Trap Music flow.  Throughout the duration of this mixtape he manages to keep his lyrics introspectively focused, not missing an opportunity to drop knowledge at any given moment, while maintaining a decent level of entertainment.

“You Gon’ Get This Work” has a couple of throw away songs like Hard Times ft. Trae the Truth and F.I.L.M. which seem not to fit with the flow of the mixtape.  Some of the songs could have been ordered differently like the first track Bout My Money.  It should have been switched or even replaced with Krazy Arthur as the leading track and Look At Me King would’ve been a great closing song, as it ends on an inspirational high-note.

The only thing that “You Gon’ Get This Work” is missing is a story.  Lux is a great lyricist but lyrics alone aren’t enough to create a following that will invest in your music.  A compelling story builds a narrative that people buy into.  For example, Nas’ imagery in Illmatic helped the listener vicariously live through his experiences of what he saw growing up in Queensbridge Houses.  Young Jeezey sold many of his fans on him being a Trap-God, whether his claims are true or not doesn’t matter, the point is these MCs created a narrative that people bought into and believed in, and from this mixtape I feel like Lux is a guy who can rap circles around any MC but not necessarily make a song that I’ll listen to 5 to 10 years down the road.  Fans will always support artists for their talent but what they’ll invest into is a narrative that they can connect with.


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    The mixtape is dope, best mixtape in 2013


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