Young Dirty Bastard Says He Doesn’t Want To Resort To Violence Against Dame Dash For ODB’s Money

Young Dirty speaks on icon leaders dropping more gems and Dame holding back money from ODB.


  • url stan

    smh doggie diamonds you a clown for posting a video of this lost young man goes from kicking knowledge to talking about multiple babymommas an how he doesnt have the nuts to man up an tell one about the other….

  • Anonymous

    Lol I swear ODB is livin through this nigga

  • SKIZZ23

    this gotta be the nigga lux was talkin bout to calicoe…this is one lost ass nigga

  • Twizzzz

    They ask this nigga To spit some bars and he starts talkin about the white man lmaoo


    smh…….why did I click on this!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is this nigga talking about? Lmao.


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