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  • Intelligence

    Lyrical GOD.

  • xerosawyer


  • Florida Boy

    Lux got niggas listening for real in that crowd

  • Gee

    The god of battle rap lux

  • Spike

    Man, y’all kids better leave this alone and let him rest. Whoever get in that ring will get what Cal got and some. I can’t wait for the next lamb to be tossed in the pit w/this ANIMAL. Smack give this man 50grand and stop messing w/Mook….

  • Damn_Homie

    Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don Damn Can’t Wait

  • Antony Hall

    DAAAMMMNNN who really fuckin with this nigga thou? Hollow i dunno bro

  • D.Watkins

    Y’all need to let this man be! P.s this dude needs a deal!!! Real Hip Hop

  • guest1

    doesnt need to battle. niggas would pay to hear his flow

  • Oforilly OT

    Lux good enough to change hiphop but if the shit aint broken they wont fix of the greatest lyricists and conscious minded cat..He need to open up a church and preach this the first to do it like that..

    • Bob Wisely

      The house of Lux lol I’d be there every sunday I would follow this nigga Lux into the trenches.

  • jjustice

    And the Lux ass kissing continues…..

    • Bob Wisely

      No. Loaded is just that good keep hating that will get you far in life.

      • Edwin Stagg

        yeah i dont even fuck with ny but loaded lux is greatest battle rapper in history take some time out young man and really try to understand the conception and the angles that lux takes #GROUNDBREAKING

  • Ness Rosenbrad

    No one in battle rap is on this mans level ..get Kendrick and Lupe to go against this man….Glad hes finally getting the recognition he deserved

    • Bob Wisely

      No one in Rap is on this mans level. Lupe cant fuck with Lux like that Kendrick is a bit closer but nah.

      • Mr.Rude

        You’re a GOT DAMN LIE SIR..lmaooooooooooo… Lupe Fiasco has a skill set far above Kendrick ,Loaded Lux & it matches with Jay-Z, Nas , Rakim, Big L ( Witty-ness ) Slick Rick ( Story-Telling Capabilities ) and KRS-1 if you’ve been a fan since before he got famous and well after… S.Carter wanted to sign him extremely bad back in the early parts of 2000 but he didn’t want to be on Roc-a-Fella but instead push his own Label 1st&15th and the artist he had Like Gemini A.k.a Gemstones.and Shayla G… Both ABSOLUTELY insane artist who would have put many of the top niggas in the game now out of business…I have a genuine respect and love for Lux and his Lyricism because he shows the crowd and viewers that it’s a different angle to this battle rap shit than just standing there yelling curse words at your opponent..He makes you think and doesn’t give shit up easy.. But a few of you niggas is placing him on a throne and GOD LIKE status that I don’t respect… Hollow Can’t Fuck with Lux in my opinion and neither can Iron Solomon or Murda Mook but if I’ve learned anything by watching the Art of Battle rap throughout several years its that EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED…Anything can happen in that ring..Same nigga that everybody holds in highest regard can step in and receive 3 rounds that will have you calling him GAAAARBAGE by the end of the battle.. TRUST ME. NO HATING…And Yeah I typed a fucking book!!!

        • Bob Wisely

          Shut up man were not even trying to compare all I’m saying is Lux is on a level of his own. Name one battle rapper that could defeat Lux, that has better wordplay, presence, anything. Exactly nobody.

        • Mr.Rude

          Stop sucking his dick and gargling his ball sack. . . Never get wrapped up in a battle mc so much that you begin to think they’re unbeatable NEVER. . . Anything can happen on that smack stage just like him CHOKING. . . Math losing to Calicoe. . . Murda mook ( acclaimed battle king ) giving one of the most boring pointless performances next to Nu-born. . . Miss me with that dumb shit. . . Lux skill set is unique BUT NOBODY is unbeatable you fuck ass nigga. . . Crying like a bitch loooool

  • stackbe

    I really feel bad for hollow…lux could choke all 3 rounds and still win…tha
    ts crazy

    • Mr.Rude

      “LUX COULD CHOKE ALL 3 ROUNDS AND STILL WIN”…. <<<— If you were ever confused as to what a Biased/Dick Rider is…This should clear it up FOREVER.

      • rexchap

        Cuz everybody knows what this man spits!!! You know it too! If you want to judge by who chokes instead of WHAT is spit, of course you’ll call it dick riding, but NOBODY spits like LUX, therefore BAR for BAR, he won’t lose!

        • Mr.Rude

          Nigga.. Stop it.. You’re coughing up SPERM..lmaooooooooo

        • rexchap

          Whateva nigga! bar for bar, none of these niggas fuck wit Lux

        • Mr.Rude

          Guzzling on the SPERM!!!

    • Arlizz

      Stupidest shit I’ve ever heard. Hollow would bodybag Lux if Lux choked like that. The definition of dickriding

  • Jeffrey Hayes

    Man Lux shit so much different, this nigga words are more visual. He remind me of dude Black Ice from the def poetry jam shit. Look his youtube shit up

  • calice

    i have a huge penis bitch

  • LI Jenk


  • killajing

    yo i do agree that lux can be hip hop savior battle rap to but did i just hear my man say yo be quiet “god speaking lol niggas is trippin dont put dat type of pressure on my nigga lux

  • Supa Grover

    i want all of ya’ll to remember ur comments. my man Hollow gonna take this. trust and believe Hollow aint sleepin on Lux. He gonna be prepared. SNO DAAAAT!!!

  • killa

    Yall niggas on this man dick lux iight calicoe is not the top in url hollow will earn his careee of lux. Surf would bodied this nigga he put some big words together n some funny faces n yall hooked on his line like bass.

    • Bob Wisely

      Another hater obviously why would Lux battle Surf their homies. Hollow will not beat Lux cant wait till he proves everyone wrong again like last year.


    Hollow aint bout that mess!!

  • Mr.Rude

    Niggas will STAND UP for hours and listen to my Nigga Lux spit bars but won’t SIT DOWN in Church and listen to God’s word through a Preacher?…LoooooL

    – O Word


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