Young Gattas Talks Loaded Lux vs Hollow da Don, Battling Jaz the Rapper, Battles Being Judged & More

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  • D.Watkins

    They need to get this dude off the show!!!!!!


    Loaded Lux vs Mc Supernatural Smack set it up!

  • Realshit

    If a caller calls the show with their opinion that their In tittle to and it happens to be opposite of how norbes bias ass feels..why is norbes going so hard to sway viewers opinion before a battle takes place?and norbes said hollow is the best battler lux has ever faced..FALSE..So now Hollow is better than mook huh norbes?And I guess Tsu Surf didn’t beat Hollow 2-1?and I guess Arsonal didn’t kill him either?

    • url judge

      Nigga hell yea hollow is better than mook. And he beat surf 2-1. Surf is very overated, I can’t think of a clear win for him yet. He lost to hollow, dna, con, ill, and got bodied by big T.

      • Star anderson

        u buggin if hollow better than mook plus surf aint overated hes nice period

        • url judge

          Surf is ok, but with NO clear wins and a bunch of losses and debatables, hes over rated. He reaches wayyy to much and never has any structures to his rounds. Hollow is in a different league than mook G. Rex is the best in dot mobb and he aint as good as hollow either

        • Omega

          Surf is guaranteed to put on a show
          ya boy hollow got one clear win…2 whack battles…and the rest is debatable..and he lost to verb

          LUX bout to murder yall leader

          Surf always puts in work..and the fact yall homos cant ever respect that is crazy

        • url judge

          1 clear win??? Big t, hitman, goodz, philly swain, okwerdz, were all clear wins. Its funny that you resort to calling us lovers when u dont like what you hear. I can EASILY say the same to you about surf but it means nothing. So save that shit fuck nigga

      • Omega

        Hollow LOST to surf..and he knows it

        question is..why do you homo donlennon lovers not know it

      • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

        hollow lost to surf 2-1

    • K9 aka 40BoY

      he fucked surf up 2-1 man maybe 3-0

      • Omega

        Ya man lost..and he stole that chris webber line from Ty Law

        Surf got him damn near 3-0

        stop being a hollow dicksucker

        • url judge

          U wanna talk about stealing bars? Nigga surf stole that salary cap bar from a bitch on queen of the ring LMAO. Nigga just stop, u can’t win lol

        • K9 aka 40BoY

          hahaha so u telling me Hollow put Ty Proving Ground Time out line in his verse? this is in reply to Omega.. Eh how many battles Lux have in his career?

  • url judge

    Shorty with the red hair sexy as fuck tho…

    • Omega

      dont holla at my baby nellz yo…

      • url judge

        Lol she bad tho. She kinda reminds me of charlie baltimore for some reason

  • Unknown

    I fucking hate norbes

  • Jamal

    norbes always looking for attention..the show is better with jesse, syko and the guest..norbes states his opinion like its fact..Now hes hi-jacked the show and hired a shorty to be next to he can get attention..pathetic fat man

  • K9 aka 40BoY

    yes norbes Hollow 2-1 real talk

    • Omega

      DOWNED…foolish nigga

      lyriclly alone hollow is nowhere near lux

      • url judge

        NOBODY in battle rap is even close to lux LYRICALLY. So i guess he should just retire and never battle again right? Nigga u sound stupid. Quit with all the hating, thats a femals trait._

  • K9 aka 40BoY

    i need to call in an holla at Norbes he ah real nicca mane haha

  • IKeepItReal

    Where are their fathers… gotdamn.. that’s sad… lol

  • ScottyPimpen33

    Norbes deadass said ” Conceited is a sexy nigga” Who heard that?

    • Omega


      and he said hollow would beat lux convincingly….FAT nigga has officially become the biggest retard

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    only top tier females are gattas , misfit , qb , hustle , ehart . only 2 of them can pack up a 1000 seater . gattas and hustle .

  • Ace Boon Coon

    this whole interview is a big ass lie. they talking about dudes dont wanna look at a female that battles that isnt attractive. thats a fuckin lie. no offense but niggas been asking to see e-hart battle. they just dont wanna promote her. lets be fuckin real. they want a bunch of biches in tight cloths and little skirts. they trying pretty they league up instead of focusing on the culture. this is how the ground cracks beneath every structure. this is exactly why hip-hop is in the state its in. because of dumb ass lying ass niggas like norbs. e-hart is the best female battle rapper by far but they not gonna book her because she’s not as attractive. all the rest of the shit they talking about is bullshit


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