SMACK/ URL Veteran Yung Ill has been away from the main stage of battle rap dealing with a few personal issues but on October 26th he is set to return to the worlds most respected MC Battle Arena. In this clip Yung ill talks about his last battle and his upcoming URL battle between Charlie Clips. Make sure you purchase tickets to see Yung Ill back in action at URLTV & SNKBST’ “SOLE SURVIVOR” event. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at or


  • Spike

    If Charlie talks between yung ILL rounds that means he’s getting whipped. Go back and look at charlie vs jones and magic.

    • Unspoken Truth

      and vs magic

    • Jeremy Marable

      He does that to try to get his opponents off their game; it is rude though

  • Jeremy Marable

    Ill gonna get this especially if the old ill is back with the aggression

  • KingBKings

    ILL gonna sniff 2 lines of heroin and be on his A+ game Oct. 26th

  • fuck yung ill he dont deserve

    yung ill and his barber slacking on that slanted hairline ….and my nigga u look high right now….whats yo problem bruh

  • North

    Hey Ill, what the hell were you saying? You look sick and sound like a bumpkin. You’re still not ready, and will get whopped.

  • ju

    ill on crack in this interview lol he trash ghtfoh

  • Trip

    I don’t wanna see Charlie clips or DNA battle anymore this year. Smack you could have put someone else up against yung ill and b magic. After this Smack no more Charlie clips or DNA …

  • Wreckz

    ill gne kill clips real life


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