• Rexchap

    THANK YOU!!!! Aint no way ILL won a round!!!!

  • Trueblue

    This nigg here is a dick rider to the fullest pause!! He sound stupid u make a video saying that people are bias but clearly he a clips fan get ur life fuzz

    • Chosen

      You sound dumb clips 3- 0d young ill

  • @gskrillaa101

    clips won easy yung ill aint da same angry fan movement on da rise

  • Nolies357

    Angry Fan Speaking That Sht….Clips 2.5 – 0.5

  • myian barnes

    there was nothing debatable about that battle…

  • myian barnes

    Ill looked washed up and tired…

    • Andre Walker

      ill 3-0

  • handyj215

    If you don’t understand a nigga bars then say that, but clearly the do re me bar was a music note reference and that you usually learn in elementary school music lol. Just goes to show that depending on your preference, you either goin fuck wit a nigga bars or you not. but I usually like my man videos but he doin a lil bit of dickriding. Whether you think yung ill won or lost, what’s clear is that Charlie clips gave up round 2 by choking, ain’t no debating that lol

    • Rexchap

      We all got it, it WAS wack tho….I was waiting for a Sound of Music bar to follow!!!! Was waiting for a “SO LONG FAREWELL” bar….ROFLMAO!!

  • Catlin Blackmac McMullen

    man shut tha fuck up dick rider wat did charlie say by tha way who tha fuck are u

  • Mr.Ha Ha

    Im a ill fan but this nigga right Charlie Clips 2-1

  • Real Nigga

    easy clips 2 1/2 (choke matters) but in this battle Yung Ill was gassed, he’s a dope rapper though, check his song on the URL beat dope shit. Clips is evolving and his shit has crazy impact so there it is.

  • Wolfpack Toma

    this prolly the first video i seen of this nigga that i agree wit everything he said. Clips 3-0. When i heard ill say the doe like re me line i was thinking to myself like that was assssssss. And u can see Jaz in the back shaking her head like it was nice. Smh. Yung Ill was never that nice to me. He lost to dna, rich, cal, died against Ored, Jc and now Clips. He just need to sit back and just support verb hitman and magic for the stl.

    • Catlin Blackmac McMullen

      boy u really smoking crack now really he murder dna rich and cal and all these u and all these ny dick riders need to cut it out that shit wack

      • Wolfpack Toma

        All Ill use is jokes my nigga. DNA he used the floss, Rich he use “wait for it who is this nigga”, danced on JC, etc. He make niggas laugh. Bar for bar he lost to all them niggas. Only nigga I say he beat bar for bar was Rex. I’m from MD so I don’t dick ride no NY or Midwest nigga. I just call it how I see it.

        • Catlin Blackmac McMullen

          ok these battles are all on wat people want too hear no one wins are losses in tha url need real judges like kotd

        • Wolfpack Toma

          U right. They need a judging system cuz just having judges could be biased to what they like to hear too and/or certain niggas that’s battling.

  • barondebxl

    Angry fan u trippin….Yung ILL can potentially beat Clips. He didnt this battle but he definitely got what it takes to beat Clips, he just need to be back on his A game.

  • Wes

    First time watching angry fan joint.. Nice breakdown and loving the beef right now too my nigga. TIred of these friendly shit come to the battle with some intent on damage!!

  • Dream

    Best I can do is Charlie Clips 2.5 – 0.5 cuz of the choke halfway through his round. But tht first half was dope.

  • 1-877-929-7168


  • Raymond

    Clips won 2-1, clearly. Not a body, but Clips won. I like Yung Ill, but he didn’t win. Anyone saying that is hating on Clips.

    Yung Ill is just coming back. Give him time, but Charlie won.

    (Side note: The doe-rae-me line makes sense, though. Haha. Angryfan went hard on some shit he just didn’t understand. I feel you on the rest, though)


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