Zaytoven on Being from The Bay Area & Producing for E-40 in HS

Zaytoven on Being from The Bay Area   Producing for E 40 in HS   YouTube

The astonishing ear of Zaytoven has helped to create some of the most classic trap beats. During his sit down discussion with VladTV, he spoke on how before he moved to Atlanta, spending his formative high school years out West in The Bay area worked to help polish his appreciation and ability to craft an intricate sound.

“Yeah, I was doing beats [while in high school]. If you’re from The Bay area, then you know — JT the Bigga Figga, you know San Quinn, B-Legit, E-40 — yeah, I started doing beats with those guys before I even moved to Atlanta,” reveals the platinum producer. That’s the main reason why the German-born, military-brat stayed in San Francisco when his parents moved down South to Atlanta.

After his first production credits appeared on JT’s album, ‘Something Kinda Crucial,’ he would work to establish himself as a respected producer. Later, after he fully understood that Atlanta offered a more economical cost of living, the beatsmith decided to make that cross-country move to the Southern music mecca.

During his first year in the A, Zaytoven would meet up with Gucci Mane, and the duo would work to establish their enduring legacy. As they say, the rest is history.

Make sure to watch the entire clip to get all the details.

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